Introducing the Auxiliary Power Distribution System

Auxiliary Battery System with APDS

The Auxiliary Power Distribution System (APDS) replaces many of the bus bars, fuse blocks and ring terminals typically used to build power systems for 4wd/off-road trucks, vans and RVs. All of the DC-DC charger, solar, auxiliary battery, start battery and ground connections can be routed through the APDS for a super clean and painless install. Just strip the wire or cable and insert into the labeled Wago connectors, there's really no easier way to wire up your dual input DC-DC charger!

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When planning out your build, use our battery system current and power calculator to determine the total current and power requirements for your accessories. For figuring out what size cable you need, check out our wire and cable size calculator and wire and cable size table. We also have a guide to common components such as DC-DC converters, inverters and other equipment used to build battery systems. The APDS manual and installation guide will walk you through your build, step by step!