APDS 75A Quick Start Guide

This is the quick start guide for the Auxiliary Power Distribution System 75A. Please refer to the detailed manual and installation guide for additional product information, instructions and warnings.

Connecting an Auxiliary Battery and Battery Monitor

  • Before connecting or disconnecting a battery ensure all previously connected accessories have been disconnected or completely powered off

How to connect an auxiliary battery to the APDS

Connecting a Start Battery

  • Check your vehicle's owner manual to determine if a specific ground point is recommended
  • If your vehicle has a battery management system ensure the ground connection is connected so that current flows through the battery sensor instead of directly to the negative battery terminal
  • Failure to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations can result in damage to your vehicle
How to connect the vehicle's start battery to the APDS

Connecting Solar Panels

How to connect solar panels to the APDS

Connecting a DC-DC Charger

Check the charger manual for the Output fuse rating. Ensure the correct fuse is installed on the DC-DC output fuse holder on the APDS.

How to connect solar panels to the APDS

Connecting Accessories (Inverter, Fridge, etc)

  • Fuses must be removed if no load is attached or when entirely disconnecting a load to ensure unused terminal blocks are not live